class nixnet._session.j1939.J1939(handle)[source]

Bases: object

J1939 configuration for a session


SAE J1939 Include Destination Address in PGN

Incoming J1939 frames are matched to an XNET database by the Parameter Group Number (PGN) of the frame. When receiving PDU1 frames, the destination address of the frame (J1939 PS field) is ignored when calculating the PGN, in accordance to the J1939 specification. This causes an XNET session to receive all frames that share the same PGN, making it difficult to distinguish destinations for traffic.

When set to True, this property instructs NI-XNET to include the destination address when extracting the PGN from the frame. This allows the same PGN sent to different destination addresses to be handled by separate input sessions.

This property may be set at any time. When set after session start, it will not affect frames already received.

This property is valid only for input sessions. It is not valid for stream sessions. This property affects all frames in a session.